Want to audition? Contact Dr. Katherine Kinsey, Artistic Director/Conductor at drksk58@gmail.com before January 12th.

1067 Oakland Ave, Rock Hill SC 29732. Ebenezer Ave entrance. Look for the YCCS banner.

Fear not! The audition is light and fun! If you love singing and have some choral experience from school or church, you will enjoy YCCS!

Singers in YCCS are expected to have medium to advanced music reading skills, an ability to blend their voices with others, and prior singing experience with choral ensembles such as church choirs, college, or advanced high school programs.

Steps to prepare for your audition:

  1. Contact Dr. Katherine Kinsey at drksk58@gmail.com before January 12th.
  2. Please bring proof of your primary COVID-19 vaccination, if you have not already provided it to YCCS.
  3. Ensure you can attend rehearsals on Thursday evenings at Oakland Baptist Church, Rock Hill SC. The first rehearsal is on January 12th.
  4. Prepare a solo in your vocal range or the National Anthem to sing for the director.
  5. Fill out this registration form.

The audition process will explore range vocalization, a short check for aural skills and music reading ability, and singing a prepared song (if possible). The audition will be overseen by the director and rehearsal accompanist. You do not need to bring an accompanist but may do so if desired.